flexible and scalable for any application.

HZO provides weatherproof PCB solutions for manufacturers and brands seeking to meet the consumer and business demand for product fortification. OEMs and ODMs engaged with HZO are able to maintain flexibility and innovation in product design while achieving scalable, end-to-end manufacturing results. The reality of a warrantable, protected digital device product is possible with HZO.

Proven technology and processes.

HZO has accomplished what few companies can: a turn-key solution for protecting and weatherproofing any digital device or digital component in mass production with quality PCB Parylene and conformal coatings. These solutions have come with focusing on the three pillars of HZO solutions:

  • Spectrum of Protection™
  • Proprietary Equipment
  • Proven Processes


HZO Spectrum of Protection™

The HZO Spectrum of Protection™ is a wide range of PCB Parylene and conformal weatherproofing coating solutions engineered specifically to the needs of your digital devices. Whether it is protection from rain or sweat, to full submersion in water or hazardous chemicals, to weatherproofing against the world’s most corrosive environments – HZO has a PCB Parylene or conformal solution that meets the protection level, budget and manufacturing demands of your digital device.

This range of coatings comes from two general families of technology: Nano and Barrier Coatings. From these two groups, there is a tailored PCB Parylene, or conformal weatherproofing solution that fits the scope of your digital project. HZO will help you identify which PCB Parylene and conformal coating are best and deliver on it.

Nano Coatings

New to HZO, nano PCB Parylene and conformal coatings perform on a nanoscale level, offering superior safeguarding against rain, sweat, and more- weatherproofing your digital devices. These conformal PCB coatings are simple to apply in manufacturing and provide a sought after level of protection.

Barrier Coatings

For those looking for weatherproof protection against prolonged submersion or extremely corrosive environments, HZO utilizes variations of Parylene PCB, a robust microns thin barrier coating.  Unmatched in the industry, HZO has taken the power of Parylene PCB and conformal coating into mass production with proven weatherproof results.

HZO Proprietary Equipment

HZO has built a trusted legacy in offering superior PCB Parylene and conformal weatherproof solutions and equipment tailored to the mass digital device manufacturing demands of our customers. Each piece of equipment has been designed internally at HZO and tested rigorously before being deployed seamlessly into the customers existing production line of digital devices.

Each proprietary HZO PCB Parylene, conformal coating machine features a proven batched-based application method for high-throughput environments. Digital units to be protected are placed inside the equipment’s vapor deposition chamber. Once inside, the predetermined solution material is applied as a vapor, forming the protective PCB conformal or Parylene coating. With the largest PCB Parylene and conformal coating chambers in the industry and proven high-throughput technology capable of weatherproofing millions of units, HZO has an equipment solution ready for your next digital device project.

HZO Proven Processes

Weatherproofing electronic components and digital devices against harsh and corrosive environments can be a daunting and complex process. HZO prides itself on innovating manufacturing processes that yield the solutions our customers are looking for. Our proven track record in high-throughput environments is unparalleled due to HZO’s proprietary processes that ensure efficient throughput and quality weatherproof solutions with the use of PCB Parylene and conformal coatings.

Manufacturing quality
every check of the way.

Quality is critical for every unit or digital device we protect. HZO takes each customer's digital devices through a rigorous validation checklist to ensure we've engineered the ideal PCB Parylene and conformal coating protection solution in terms of durability, weatherproofing, ease of manufacturing, and cost. Our team of R&D, design analysts, and engineers engage in the following steps:

  • Project analysis and assessment

    The HZO team assesses requested sample units and works directly with the client's manufacturing engineers to understand the design of the product, and to identify potential stopgaps and problem areas. Including understanding the PCB Parylene and conformal protection needs of the digital device, whether it be weatherproofing against minimal sweat and rain or submersion in extremely corrosive environments.

  • Custom application strategy development

    We develop a customized PCB solution and process for the product, ensuring that our team can optimally execute the process for that particular unit.

  • Quality control and maintenance

    HZO's quality control PCB engineers run a meticulous check on the units to ensure complete functionality and make modifications.

  • Process documentation and product delivery

    Our team then drafts a detailed document of the entire PCB protection process and ship the units back to the client for additional testing.

  • Engineering and production consultation

    In some cases, we will work with companies to help modify the engineering of their products to optimize the PCB Parylene and conformal coating process and ensure performance standards.

  • Production support

    HZO will be on hand during production to offer any assistance needed to ensure a swift and quality manufacturing process.

No other company provides this extensive consultative approach from design to finished product. Contact us today to start your digital device evaluation.


HZO Spectrum of Protection™

Not all protection offerings are created equal. HZO utilizes the highest quality nano and barrier coatings of PCB Parylene and conformal coatings ideally suited for the needs of your digital device.


HZO supplies its high-volume proprietary equipment that integrates seamlessly into production.


Employing a single engineering team, HZO takes the time to work with its clients and draw from the combined knowledge and experience of the company.


HZO works with some of the top manufacturing companies in the world. These companies partner with HZO to offer a wide range of superior weatherproof PCB Parylene and conformal coating protection offerings to their clients.


Motorola, Dell, Rakuten Kobo, Netamo, and others choose to feature HZO publicly on their digital devices, so consumers know they are getting the ideal level of weatherproof solutions.

Turnkey, Scalable Solution

Each manufacturing process is different, and no one knows when a digital device is going to ramp up production. HZO is a one-stop solution that can scale and keep up with all levels of manufacturing.


HZO has developed proprietary equipment never before utilized in the protection and weatherproof application and digital device market. This automation equipment and processes significantly increase throughput and is only found with HZO.

Intellectual Property

HZO has developed an unparalleled intellectual property portfolio with granted and filed patents within our manufacturing ecosystem.


With company production facilities and partners around the world, including USA and China, HZO can find a suitable location for your digital device manufacturing process, including working with your current OEM or ODM.

Case Studies


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Rakuten Kobo

Solution: Consumer Devices


HZO is ready to protect
your next project.

HZO engineers work with you during development to create a component-level defense and achieve the ideal level of protection and weatherproofing you are looking for.

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