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Protective & Parylene Coating Price

To calculate costs, our technical team will first break down and analyze your project to understand how best to meet your protection needs. Once we fully understand the complexity of your products and requirements, we can recommend a custom solution and quote a price.

The coating price will generally depend on surface area, material, volume, thickness, and application. Other factors, like masking and de-masking, may also impact the cost.

Pricing Details

HZO can provide a per-unit price for coating as a service, starting from $0.10 upwards, that will cover the end-to-end process with no additional requirements for capex spend by the customer. Nominal NRE may be required for fixturing both for pre and post processing as well as in chamber fixturing. HZO is also happy to discuss equipment sales and “a la carte” pricing for your specific needs.


Surface Area

The surface area and complexity of your PCB or component.



The type of coating material chosen from our Spectrum of Protection™.



The number of units you are looking to coat.



Thickness required for the protection necessary.



The coating application that best suits your needs.

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What's the balance between price and protection?

Pricing can depend on how much protection you need. See how protected you products need to be.

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