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Thin Film Coating Applications & Markets

Different markets have different priorities. Automotive applications may require a long-term protective coating solution to meet warranties, while medical device projects may require a biocompatible coating. Meanwhile, IoT and consumer electronic manufacturers may focus on scalability, miniaturization, and meeting market claims such as Ingress Protection ratings.

Regardless of your focus, HZO coating solutions will help you meet your product development goals and increase return on investment and operational efficiency. Our custom-built coating chambers and automation equipment decrease costs and turnaround time with repeatable, proven results, whether in-house or in your factory.

Please select your market to understand the benefits of our coatings, engineering and manufacturing solutions.

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Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics coatings for wearables, smart home devices, and hearables PCBAs, batteries, and more.



Coatings to sustain components throughout industrial environments, including smart meters, renewable energy, and oil & gas.


Medical Device

Coating solutions for connected medical devices, including continuous glucose monitoring components, activity trackers, and more.



IoT coatings for harsh environments, including smart cities, smart farming, and 5G networking.



Thin film deposition solutions for mobility applications, including ECUs, EV batteries, and ADAS components.


Other Markets Served

HZO coatings improve aerospace, electronics manufacturing, research, and many more applications.

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