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Bully Dog utilized HZO to protect their engine tuner from the harshest winter excursions

To keep your engine optimized and running strong, Bully Dog manufacturers a series of high quality engine tuners built for any high powered gas or diesel vehicle. While these tuners work great mounted in an insulated cab, the Bully Dog team knew they needed real protection for their PowerSports GT tuners that would be featured in snowmobiles, side-by-sides, and more. These tuners would not only experience negative temperatures, but a constant onslaught of high velocity snow, mud and water.

Bully Dog approached HZO looking for a superior solution after their traditional protection methods weren’t holding up to the harsh environments. For example, mechanical seals can constrict in cold temperatures and present entry into the electronics.  HZO’s coating was found to be an ideal solution as it offered the protection needed while not being affected by severe temperatures. BullyDog is a legacy customer of HZO and continues to protect their devices to this day.

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Tyler Child

Senior Director of Technical Sales

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