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Are Your Batteries and Battery Components Protected For Harsh Environments?


About the Infographic

In the auto industry alone, downtime can cost up to $3 million per hour. Downtime is bad enough, but the repercussions of unplanned downtime can be downright scary. Learn about the pitfalls and threats of downtime and how they can be avoided when it comes to protecting your electronic components with HZO coating technology. 


Brochure Highlights

Corrosion Resistance Overview

Data and images that compare an uncoated coin cell battery to an HZO-coated one illustrate Parylene's corrosion resistance.

Battery Coating Use Cases

Use cases along with supporting data demonstrate Parylene's effectiveness for battery chargers, cold plates, and busbars.

Enable Miniaturization

Includes HZO Parylene IPC CC-830C results, compared with conventional coatings and corresponding coating thickness.

Enable Heat Dissipation

An overview on overheating along with data demonstrating HZO coatings do not hinder the ability to dissipate heat.

Included Technical Resources

  • Table comparing the thermal conductivity and film thickness of conformal coating materials
  • Table of corrosion resistance data for conformal coating materials
  • HZO Parylene technical datasheet
  • Lifetime of HZO coating at different temperatures (with oxygen)
  • Protection characteristics of various solutions compared

Are HZO Protection
Solutions Right for You?