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Coating Electric Vehicle Charging Stations For Safer, Tougher Reliability

hzo-ept-logo-1 Originally Published in Electronic Products & Technology, August 2021

"Which conformal coating has the best chemical composition to deliver all attributes & operational function?"

Article Summary

  • While EVs have attained mainstream status, the availability and reliability of a fast-charging infrastructure continue to be major hurdles to widespread adoption.
  • Charging stations are typically located outside, which makes them vulnerable to external sources, such as voltage transients or electrical surges and the elements.
  • The realistic and economical approach to protecting EVSEs is with conformal coatings.
  • Conformal coatings provide increased dielectric resistance, operational integrity, and protection from corrosive atmospheres and contaminants.
  • Compared to acrylic, silicones, urethane, and epoxy coatings, Parylene has all the properties and characteristics necessary to help advance technologies.

Calvin Jennings

Industry Expert

Calvin Jennings, with a BS in Electrical Engineering from Widener University and an MBA from the University of Michigan, has over 20 years of experience in the automotive electronics industry. He held roles in manufacturing, design engineering, business development, and sales at Ford, Visteon, Continental, and HBPO before joining HZO in 2020.

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