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Video Series

Drive Safety. Deliver Reliability. 

An educational video series that addresses the evolving automotive landscape and the challenges of protecting components in the harshest driving environments.


Episode 1

How has the automotive industry changed in the last ten years?

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Episode 2

What are the new challenges that engineers are facing in the automotive industry?

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Episode 3

How do vehicles create a harsh environment for electronics?

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Episode 4

What are the benefits of using a thin-film coating?

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Episode 5

How can Parylene reduce warranty claim and repair costs?

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Heading Text

Where do protected electronics fit into autonomous technology?

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Calvin Jennings & Dominique McCook

Automotive Experts

About Drive Safety. Deliver Reliability.

In our “Drive Safety. Deliver Reliability” video series, Calvin Jennings, Automotive Industry Expert, and Dominique McCook, Senior Application Engineer, offer insightful solutions that reduce warranty and repair costs and improve reliability for harsh environments in a sustainable way.

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