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The Protective Nanocoating Market

pci-paint-and-coatings-industry-logo-vector Originally Published in Paint & Coatings Industry, February 2021

"But the growth of protective coatings for electronics is unparalleled, as billions of electronic devices deploy into diverse and challenging environments."

Article Summary

  • Conventional protective coatings are no longer an adequate method to safeguard electronics.
  • A protective nanocoating can be as thin as a few nanometers, typically starting at 300 nm. This profile minimizes unit weight and mass, which proves useful for compact devices.
  • Despite the minute thickness, nanocoatings provide superior protection from pollutants, corrosion, heat, ice, and wear.
  • Overview of market growth rate and key growth drivers for the nanocoating market.
  • Overview of nanocoatings applications, including consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive, IoT, and industrial markets.

Stephen Gold

Industry Expert

Stephen Gold, with extensive commercial experience, served as General Manager of Honeywell’s $2.5B IoT and Software Business, leading its digital transformation. Previously, he was Group CMO of IBM Watson, overseeing AI technology development and strategic marketing. He joined HZO as Chief Commercial Officer in 2018.

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