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Purposely Designed Equipment for Advanced Conformal Coating Applications

pci-paint-and-coatings-industry-logo-vector Originally Published in Paint & Coatings Industry, April 2022

"Perfecting the application of Parylene coatings requires process, expertise, chemistry and capital equipment — the latter being critical to repeatable and scalable processes."

Article Summary

  • Parylene provides competitive protective barrier properties to protect components from the environment and corrosion.
  • Impediments to Parylene’s wide adoption have been cost and scalability.
  • HZO’s proprietary coating equipment is made to specialize in mass production and can scale up to coating hundreds, thousands, or millions of electrical sub-assemblies a day.
  • There are three distinct steps in the HZO process: pre-process, coating, and post-process.

Richard Weiland

Industry Expert

Richard, with a BS in Chemical Engineering from Bucknell University and an MBA from North Carolina State University, has a blend of technical and commercial experience. He held roles in process development, project engineering, and business development management at CORMETECH before joining HZO in 2019.

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