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Redefining Reliability: Protective Nanocoatings and the New Wave of Medical Wearables

hzo-plastics-today-logo Originally Published in Plastics Today, January 2021

"Protective nanocoatings extend the useful life of medical wearables with consistent, repeatable protection. They can be functionalized to enhance device performance, modifying the substrate's surface with beneficial mechanical, thermal, or electrical qualities to offer more reliability and convenience."

Article Summary

  • The medical wearable market is rapidly growing, with an expected value of $19.5 billion by 2025.
  • Medical wearables include devices like fitness trackers and smart health watches, requiring reliable protection against environmental contaminants.
  • Thin-film nanocoatings, such as Parylene, are crucial for ensuring device durability and functionality.
  • HZO offers scalable Parylene coating solutions, enhancing the reliability of medical wearables and reducing recalls and repairs.
  • Protective nanocoatings improve device performance, maintain cleanliness, and gain user trust by ensuring long-term reliability.

Zsolt Pulai

Industry Expert

Zsolt Pulai, with degrees in software engineering, embedded programming, and factory automation from Szechenyi University, and an MBA in Business Strategy from the MBA Institute, has extensive experience in designing deposition equipment for the thin-film solar industry. He served as CEO of ZPL Technologies before joining HZO in 2017.

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