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At the Rugged Edge: Protecting Industry 4.0 Devices in Harsh Environments

hzo-us-tech-logo Originally Published in US Tech, February 2021

"At the heart of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) devices and edge equipment lies the PCB."

Article Summary

  • Today’s CPUs and servers, flat panel displays, tablets, and other mobile devices at the rugged edge need protection from the harsh environment.
  • Parylene is a protective polymer with a repeatable process, forming a dielectric barrier between the outside environment and critical PCB parts.
  • HZO has brought together people, processes, capital equipment, and material science to broaden the use of parylene.
  • By protecting industrial IoT and edge devices can withstand the tremendous operational challenges with parylene.
  • Its thermal stability is suitable for extreme environments, and the complete coverage provides the same level of protection to all areas of the product, free of defects.

Stephen Gold

Industry Expert

Stephen Gold, with extensive commercial experience, served as General Manager of Honeywell’s $2.5B IoT and Software Business, leading its digital transformation. Previously, he was Group CMO of IBM Watson, overseeing AI technology development and strategic marketing. He joined HZO as Chief Commercial Officer in 2018.

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