Internet of Things

Enabling the connected world.

IoT is everywhere. Not just indoors but on rainy streets, in the snowy mountains, and even deep under the earth.

The “Internet of Things” wouldn’t be possible without protective technology solutions like HZO and their Spectrum of Protection™ solutions. Circuits fail quickly in corrosive environments and their safeguard is critical for functionality. For IoT, not all environmental protection is created equal. The ecosystem thrives on small components that other technologies simply can’t protect. HZO’s range of coatings are the ideal protection solutions for the next generation of connectivity – indoors and out. Whether your product is a smart meter, appliance sensor, or something the world hasn’t even seen yet, HZO can help protect it.

Tyler Child

Senior Director of Technical Sales

Tyler Child is the Senior Director of Technical Sales for the IoT and Industrial sectors of HZO. With a background in mechanical engineering, Tyler has held engineering positions at significant industrial companies such as Honda, Moxtek and FLSmidth. Tyler applies his gathered experience in the unique worlds of automotive and industrial manufacturing to solve the most challenging obstacles at HZO.

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HZO engineers work with you during development to create a component-level defense and achieve the best possible IP rating for your device.

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