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The TAG Heuer RACER Sub-Nano Luxury Smartphone becomes an ‘industry first’ thanks to HZO Protection™

TAG Heuer, a brand representing quality and precision, teamed up with industry leader Atelier Haute Communication with a vision to build the industry’s first luxury smartphone with superior protection against water.
A phone inspired by TAG Heuer’s design language couldn’t accommodate bulky seals and gaskets and therefore sought a more elegant solution to offer superior splash protection. Atelier Haute Communication worked with HZO to protect the 500 limited edition RACER Sub-Nano phones which were an instant success within the luxury smartphone market due to the protection they offered the premium device. Owners no longer needed to worry about losing their investment to a quick dunk or splash thanks to HZO.

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James Tosh

Director of Application Engineering

James knows how to best protect your upcoming product from water damage. Reach out today.

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