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Video Series

Coat Your Assets

An educational video series that addresses the challenges of waterproofing in an ever-changing consumer electronics environment.


Episode 1

Why is Waterproofing Critical for Reliable Design In Consumer Electronics?

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Episode 2

How Waterproof Do I Need To Be?

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Episode 3

How Can I Get The Most Out Of Protective Nanocoatings?

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Episode 4

How Can Nanocoating Fit Into My Existing Production Processes?

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Episode 5

How Can I Go Beyond Traditional Waterproofing?

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Dusty Askin

Consumer Electronics Coating Expert

About Coat Your Assets

In this educational video series, Dusty Askin, consumer electronics coatings expert and process engineer, walks through the challenges this presents to design engineering and why thinking about waterproofing the way previous generations of engineers did may not be the best way to future-proof your design.

Durable, waterproofed devices are no longer “nice features” for an OEM to offer; they’re a requirement. But what happens when traditional waterproofing methods struggle to keep up with evolving demands?

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