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Are Your Products Protected Against Harsh Environments?


About the Infographic

In the auto industry alone, downtime can cost up to $3 million per hour. Downtime is bad enough, but the repercussions of unplanned downtime can be downright scary. Learn about the pitfalls and threats of downtime and how they can be avoided when it comes to protecting your electronic components with HZO coating technology. 


Brochure Highlights

Consumer Electronics Use Cases

The brochure includes use cases with supporting data for smart home, wearable, and hearable applications.

Sustainability Solution Section

HZO coatings sustain protection for decades, reducing e-waste, and entail no cure time, initiators, or catalysts.

Scalability Discussion

Summarizes HZO's industry-leading scalable Parylene coating process, along with diagrams, images, and details.

Corrosion Resistance Overview

Includes data about Parylene corrosion-resistant properties, such as gas permeability and WVTR, with tables of values.

Included Technical Resources

  • Barrier properties of conformal coatings compared
  • Parylene thickness and Ingress Protection (IP rating) correlation table
  • HZO coating salt fog performance images and IEC 60068-2-30 Humidity Performance
  • HZO coating IPC CC-830C results
  • List of HZO coating benefits for consumer electronics

Are HZO Protection
Solutions Right for You?