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Thanks to HZO, Rakuten Kobo was able to design one of the most durable e-readers on the market

Kobo designed the Aura ONE with the help of some of their most passionate customers; these customers challenged Kobo to push the limits of screen size, front-light technology, easier access to content and you guessed it, water protection. Simply put, these avid readers wanted a device that was sleek, slim and completely robust. An unbelievably tall order for Kobo.

Kobo sought out to design an e-reader unlike any on the market. They wanted the Aura ONE to have a larger screen, a slimmer profile and be completely waterproof. Due to the slimmer profile, legacy protection like gaskets, plugs and mechanical seals weren’t an option. They needed a solution that could offer complete design freedom and unmatched water protection. Incorporating HZO into the device allowed Kobo to design one of the slimmest e-readers on the market while upgrading the device to an IPX8 waterproof rating. Thanks to HZO, the Aura ONE is the sleekest, slimmest and most robust e-reader on the market; just like the customer wanted.

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James Tosh

Director of Application Engineering

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