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Outdoor security cameras face the harshest weather conditions. HZO helped Netatmo achieve severe weather protection while maintaining a sleek, minimal design

Netatmo, a revolutionary smart home manufacturer, sought to create The Presence, an outdoor security camera unlike any other. With a built-in flood light and modern slim design, traditional methods of environmental protection proved inadequate for the protection that Netatmo was seeking.

To protect the camera from rain, snow, salt fog, and more, Netatmo found that traditional conformal coatings were a significant challenge due to the inability to apply the coating effectively given its slim profile. The Presence also featured a large heatsink that could experience heat dissipation problems if a thick conformal coating was applied. Netatmo ultimately chose HZO for its microns-thin coating that easily allowed thermal dissipation as well as kept up with their rigid manufacturing schedules.

The next generation of electronics calls for the next generation of environmental protection. Contact HZO today.

Gionata Fiorentini

Sales Director

Gionata helped Netamo succeed on their project and can help you too. Reach out today.

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