Solution: Consumer Electronics

HZO provides SportEAR the small, but mighty protection needed for outdoor in-ear electronic products from the elements

SportEAR hearing aids serve a dual purpose of both augmenting the hearing of a user to respond to critical noise cues while simultaneously protecting that same hearing from harmful loud sounds such as muzzle blasts or industrial equipment. These versatile products are critical tools for many outdoor workers and enthusiasts and must function in any environment.

Any environment includes rain, snow, and sweat. SportEAR knew for a premium product, they needed to offer premium protection and went with HZO for their liquid protection needs. The microns thin HZO coating proved ideal for superior coverage on a micro in-ear product and has served SportEAR successfully for years.

Small product, huge environmental protection. Contact HZO to learn more today.

Tyler Child

Director of Application Engineering

Tyler helped SportEar succeed on their project and can help you too. Reach out today.

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