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HZO helped NavELite solve liquid protection, while simultaneously creating a higher margin product

NavELite, a company whose founders were former Special Operations soldiers, were used to tough situations, but the production problems facing their ruggedized backlit wrist compass were different. The compass, built for military personnel and outdoor adventurers alike, was close to launch when their team realized the ultrasonic welding engineered to protect the battery of the backlit compass was allowing liquid ingress and shorting the backlight.

NavELite met HZO at a tradeshow and quickly saw how the microns thin coating would be an ideal solution for their design woes. The engineering teams from both companies quickly synced and were able to develop a superior solution that enabled NavELite to keep their launch deadline. NavELite decided to offer two products: a non-protected version and an HZO Protected™ compass at a $50 premium. NavELite happily reported that the HZO Protected™ version outsold the unprotected version 9:1, proving the need and demand for superior protection.  

HZO Protection™ succeeds where other liquid protection methods fail. Contact HZO today.

Tyler Child

Director of Application Engineering

Tyler helped NavELite succeed on their project and can help you too. Reach out today.

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