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HZO helped protect Motorola’s Moto Surround Wireless Earbuds against its most challenging enemy–human sweat

To design an electronic product that functions every step of a workout can be a daunting task, but Motorola was up to the challenge. Their collar style Bluetooth headphones held up to all of the durability tests it was put up against, except one–human sweat exposure. The original design called for a mechanical seal–a plug to cover the USB charging port–but it was clear that sweat and water could still enter and terminate the circuitry. Motorola needed more protection.

After an extensive solutions search, Motorola partnered with HZO after their coating was the only solution that survived their sweat immersion test requirements. The Moto Surround wireless earbuds entered production with each unit’s internal circuitry protected with HZO. Sweat failure was no longer a concern for Motorola or their customers.

HZO protects against many liquids, including human sweat. See how HZO can protect your product today.

James Tosh

Director of Application Engineering

James is available for any consumer electronic questions.

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