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Rakuten Kobo Chooses HZO to Protect its eReader, The Kobo Aura One

Draper, UT August 2016

Consumer requests for waterproofing made possible with HZO Technology

Draper, UT – August 17, 2016 –  HZO Inc., the total solutions leader in liquid and environment protection technology, announced its recent collaboration with Rakuten Kobo to protect its latest eReader, the Kobo Aura ONE. The HZO Protected™ Kobo Aura ONE is rated to IPX8, making it a versatile device enabling people to read in more places than ever before.

HZO’s innovative thin-film coating solution will provide the Kobo Aura ONE with unmatched protection from damage caused by liquids and moisture without the need for bulky cases or mechanical seals making Kobo’s new eReader sleeker, lighter, and safe to use anywhere, including the beach or even in the bath.

Kobo conceptualized the Kobo Aura ONE with the input of its most avid readers. Of all their requests, water protection made the short list of most desired features. With the customer in mind, Kobo answered the call for waterproofing, turning to HZO to make their customers desire a reality.

HZO collaborates extensively with product designers, engineers, and OEMs to integrate its protective technology into the manufacturing process. “A HZO Protected device lasts longer and performs better due to the internal application of HZO’s innovative protection layer,” said Max Sorenson, Chief Technology Officer at HZO. “Our transparent coating is microns thin, adds virtually no additional weight and offers unmatched environmental protection.” This unique technology, combined with HZO’s collaborative engineering, made possible the IPX8 capabilities of the Aura ONE.

HZO enables OEMs and manufacturers by combining collaborative engineering with its patented manufacturing processes and Parylene coating to protect electronic devices and components of all sizes and levels of complexity. OEMs can now offer superior environmental, liquid and even submersion protection without compromising their devices’ design or overall performance.

The HZO Protected Kobo Aura ONE will be available globally in September; for more details:


About HZO:

HZO is a technology solutions and licensing company that provides electronics’ manufacturers and device makers in a range of industries, including consumer, medical, military and industrial, with thin-film protection against damage caused by liquid submersion, corrosive environments, humidity, sweat, dust and debris. With a scalable end-to-end solution that supports mass volume production, and a technical team dedicated to innovation and customer success, HZO’s patent-protected solution enables product design freedom, delivers product differentiation and goes beyond the boundaries defined by electronics testing standards like IPX8.

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