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Article Highlight Protecting Hearing Aids Electronics with Parylene Conformal Coatings

hzo-mddi-logo Originally Published in MD+DI, May 2021

"Hearing aids are simple devices with substantial benefits, but they do require protection from their environments."

Article Summary

  • Parylene coatings are essential for protecting hearing aids from environmental damage, including moisture, dust, and skin oils.
  • The chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process ensures a uniform, pinhole-free protective layer.
  • Parylene coatings enhance durability without adding significant weight, preserving device performance.
  • HZO offers scalable, cost-effective Parylene solutions, enabling broader adoption in hearing aid manufacturing.
  • AXIL partnered with HZO to protect their hearing aids, resulting in highly durable and versatile devices for harsh environments.

Zsolt Pulai

Industry Expert

Zsolt Pulai, with degrees in software engineering, embedded programming, and factory automation from Szechenyi University, and an MBA in Business Strategy from the MBA Institute, has extensive experience in designing deposition equipment for the thin-film solar industry. He served as CEO of ZPL Technologies before joining HZO in 2017.

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