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Are Your Smart Meters Protected Against Harsh Environments?


About the Infographic

In the auto industry alone, downtime can cost up to $3 million per hour. Downtime is bad enough, but the repercussions of unplanned downtime can be downright scary. Learn about the pitfalls and threats of downtime and how they can be avoided when it comes to protecting your electronic components with HZO coating technology. 


Brochure Highlights

Corrosion Resistance Overview

Access and understand important corrosion resistance data, including permeability and WVTR of Paylene and other polymers.

Parylene Process Summary

Understand the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coating process and why it produces superior coatings. A diagram is included.

Compare Protection Solutions

Tables of data compare aspects of available protection solutions so you can easily identify the best one for your application.

Sustainable, Long Lifetime

HZO coatings can protect for decades, reducing e-waste, and entail no cure time, initiators, or catalysts. 

Included Technical Resources

  • Table comparing the protection characteristics of legacy solutions
  • Permeability and WVTR of Parylene and other polymers
  • Tables detailing Parylene thickness levels and the best applications
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition Process Diagram
  • Images of conventional conformal coating and Parylene coverage compared

Are HZO Protection
Solutions Right for You?