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Despite a new screen size, tolino was able to seamlessly integrate HZO into their eReader for submersible protection

In 2017, tolino introduced their latest eReader, the tolino epos. This new product featured a 300 dpi screen that was 69% larger than previous tolino displays and a first for the company. This entrance into a new product footprint meant a redesign and altering of manufacturing processes, sourcing, design and more. Despite the larger size, the company wanted to keep the same water protection rating for the eReader that customers had come to expect on other premiere tolino products.

With minimal adjustments and design changes required, the HZO Protection solution was able to be seamlessly applied during the manufacturing process, protecting the eReaders for future long hours of reading in the tub or near the pool. With a water protection rating of submersion in one meter of fresh water for up to 30 minutes, the epos joins the long line of tolino products featuring HZO.

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James Tosh

Director of Application Engineering

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