Solution: Internet of Things

LifeBeacon created the first truly mobile medical alert solution, and needed the best waterproofing technology to protect it

LifeBeacon pioneered the first truly mobile alert solution designed especially for seniors to keep them safe and located at all times. With its combined GPS and cell service technology, the wearer can go wherever life takes them without the fear of being out of range of contact. With new freedom means new environments to explore, even rainy and humid ones.

HZO worked with LifeBeacon to offer the protection that a user would expect from a truly mobile device. Use in humid environments, use in the shower, use in the rain. HZO successfully established a coating process and even participated in quality testing by sending employees home with the units to test in the shower. Seniors can be mobile anywhere thanks to LifeBeacon…and HZO.

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Tyler Child

Senior Director of Technical Sales

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