Solution: Internet of Things

LaiPac, a leader in GPS tracking utilized HZO on not one, but two of their critical products

People depend on LaiPac Technology to provide unwavering GPS products to help quickly locate wandering or confused Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Autism patients. It’s critical that these products work in whatever conditions they face as a life is literally dependent upon them.

LaiPac came to HZO to help protect their S911 Bracelet Locator and LOLA lanyard tracker. Both products featured mechanical seals, but the company knew they needed more to provide the protection people would expect in water conditions such as rain, showering or accidental submersion. Not only did HZO provide superior protection in the form of an IP67 dust and waterproofing rating, but through HZO’s networks they introduced LaiPac to a new manufacturer that could keep up with their growing demand.

Is product failure not an option for your users? HZO is a reliable solution.

Tyler Child

Director of Application Engineering

Tyler knows how to best protect your upcoming product from water damage. Reach out today.

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