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Elecom was ready to go to market, but device failures were holding them back; HZO was the answer

The Japanese audio giant Elecom was ready to release their latest line of wireless sport headphones, but were experiencing catastrophic device failures due to sweat. Gaskets, mechanical seals and conformal coatings weren’t cutting it, they needed a more robust protection solution that could be incorporated quickly, seamlessly and wouldn’t require any device design changes; HZO was the answer.

HZO worked tirelessly with Elecom to devise a unique protection solution that would curb the device failures and enable a quick product launch. HZO’s unique protection solution was seamlessly integrated into the product and completely stopped the device failures, allowing Elecom to launch their product as planned. Working with HZO not only enabled a quick product launch, but also drastically increased Elecom’s brand equity and overall sales, moving them from 3rd to 1st position in the wireless sport audio market in Japan.

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James Tosh

Director of Application Engineering

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