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Digital Caddies calls on HZO to enable device longevity on the course

The Digital Caddies tablet-based software platform enables golf course operators to improve their guests’ experiences, build guest loyalty, increase course revenue and lower operating costs by mounting a touch tablet in their golf carts. The content provided through the tablet platform is specifically designed to promote interaction between the golfer and the device throughout their round and thus provides an excellent opportunity for course operators and advertisers to interact directly with golfers in ways that have never before been possible.

Digital Caddies based their business model on delivering highvalue content to golfers, and therefore device performance and longevity were imperative to long-term financial returns. Simply put, a failed device meant lost revenue. Digital Caddies needed a protection solution that could enable a device to function in the rain, heat, humidity, and any other environmental factor that can easily be encountered on the golf course. HZO quickly established itself as the only acceptable protection solution and continues to enable Digital Caddies to perform consistently and continuously on hundreds of golf courses, in many different environments around the world.

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James Tosh

Director of Application Engineering

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